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Keywords - I

Level Category
Words and Phrases
SD G.1.0
Ill-condition [Numerical Analysis]
SD B.4.2
Image display [Input/Output Devices]
SD I.4.0
Image displays [Image Processing]
** I.4
Image Processing
SD I.4.0
Image processing software
*** I.4.10
Image Representation
SD I.4.8
Imagery, Time-varying
*** K.4.3
Impacts, Organizational [Computers and Society]
SD B.7.1
Implementation, Algorithms Implemented in hardware [Integrated Circuits]
** C.5
Implementation, Computer System [Computer Systems Organization]
*** I.5.5
Implementation [Pattern Recognition]
** B.5
Implementation, Register-Transfer-Level [Hardware]
SD I.3.6
Independence, Device [Computer Graphics]
*** I.7.3
Index Generation [Text Processing]
*** H.3.1
Indexing, Content Analysis and [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD H.3.1
Indexing methods [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD I.2.6
Induction [Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.2.3
Induction, Mathematical
SD I.2.1
Industrial automation [Computer Applications]
SD J.7
Industrial control [Computer Applications]
** K.1
Industry, Computer
SD D.4.6
Information flow controls [Security and Protection; Operating Systems]
** H.5
Information Interfaces and Presentation
SD H.3.4
Information networks [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD H.1.2
Information processing, Human
*** K.3.2
Information Science Education, Computer and
*** H.3.3
Information Search and Retrieval [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD H.3.4
Information, selective dissemination of­SDI
*** H.3.5
Information Services, On line
** H.3
Information Storage and Retrieval
*** H.3.2
Information Storage [Information Storage and Retrieval]
* H
Information Systems
** H.4
Information Systems Applications
SD K.3.2
Information systems education
** K.6
Information Systems, Management of [Computing Milieux]
SD J.3
Information systems, Medical [Computer Applications]
*** H.5.1
Information Systems, Multimedia
***° H.4.2
Information Systems, Types of [Information Systems Applications]
** E.4
Information Theory, Coding and
SD H.1.1
Information theory [Information Systems]
*** H.1.1
Information Theory, Systems and [Models and Principles]
SD H.1.1
Information, Value of
SD G.1.7
Initial value problems
SD H.5.2
Input devices and strategies (e.g., mouse, touchscreen)[Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD I.3.1
Input devices [Computer Graphics]
** B.4
Input/Output and Data Communications[Hardware]
SD H.5.1
Input/output, Audio [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD B.7.1
Input/Output circuits
SD D.4.4
Input/Output [Communications Management; Operating Systems]
*** B.4.2
Input/Output Devices [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD D.3.3
Input/Output [Language Constructs]
SD D.2.5
Inspections and walk-throughs, Code [Software Engineering]
SD G.1.0
Instability (and stability) [Numerical Analysis]
*** K.6.2
Installation Management [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD K.3.1
Instruction, Computer-assisted (CAI)
SD K.3.1
Instruction, Computer-managed (CMI)
SD C.0
Instruction set design (e.g., RISC, CISC)
SD B.1.5
Instruction set interpretation [Microcode Applications]
SD° B.1.5
Instruction sets, Firmware support of
SD K.6.5
Insurance [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD K.6.m
Insurance [retired January1991] [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD G.1.6
Integer programming
*** G.1.9
Integral Equations
** B.7
Integrated Circuits[Hardware]
SD C.2.1
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
SD G.1.4
Integration, Equal interval
SD B.7.1
Integration, very large scale (VLSI)
SD H.2.0
Integrity [Database Management]
SD G.1.9
Integro-differential equations
** I.2
Intelligence, Artificial
*** I.2.11
Intelligence, Distributed Artificial
SD I.2.10
Intensity, color, photometry, and thresholding [Artificial Intelligence]
SD H.5.3
Interaction, Asynchronous [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD H.5.2
Interaction styles (e.g., commands, menus, forms, directmanipulation) [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD H.5.3
Interaction, Synchronous [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD I.3.6
Interaction techniques [Computer Graphics]
SD F.1.2
Interactive computation [Computation by Abstract Devices]
SD D.2.6
Interactive [Programming Environments]
SD D.4.7
Interactive systems [Operating Systems]
SD I.5.5
Interactive systems [Pattern Recognition]
SD C.1.2
Interconnection architectures [Multiple Data Stream Architectures (Multiprocessors)]
SD C.2.0
Interconnection, Open System reference model (OSI)
*** B.4.3
Interconnections (subsystems) [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD H.5.2
Interface management systems, User
** H.5
Interfaces and Presentation, Information [Information Systems]
*** H.5.3
Interfaces, Group and Organization
SD C.0
Interfaces, Hardware/software [Computer Systems Organization]
SD B.4.3
Interfaces [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD D.2.2
Interfaces, Modules and [Software Engineering]
SD I.2.1
Interfaces, Natural language [Artificial Intelligence]
*** H.5.2
Interfaces, User
SD D.2.2
Interfaces, User [Tools and Techniques; Software Engineering]
SD I.3.4
Interfaces, Virtual device [Computer Graphics]
SD B.3.2
Interleaved memories
*** G.1.1
SD G.1.1
Interpolation formulas
SD° G.1.1
Interpolation, Piecewise polynomial
SD G.1.1
Interpolation, Spline polynomial
SD B.1.5
Interpretation, Instruction set [Microcode Application]
SD D.3.4
Interpreters [Processors; Programming Languages]
SD G.1.4
Interval integration, Equal
** A.1
Introductory and Survey Literature [General Literature]
SD I.4.7
Invariants [Image Processing]
SD F.3.1
Invariants [Logics and Meanings of Programs]
SD K.6.5
Invasive software (e.g., viruses, worms, Trojan horses)[Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD D.4.6
Invasive software (e.g., viruses, worms, Trojan horses) [Operating Systems]
SD I.4.4
Inverse filtering [Image Processing]
SD G.1.3
Inversion, Matrix
SD C.2.1
ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)
*** K.5.2
Issues, Governmental
*** K.4.1
Issues, Public Policy
*** K.4.2
Issues, Social
SD E.2
Items, Primitive data [Data Storage Representations]
SD G.1.4
Iterated methods [Quadrature and Numerical Differentiation]
SD G.1.3
Iterative methods [Numerical Linear Algebra]
SD G.1.5
Iterative methods [Roots of Nonlinear Equations]