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Keywords - H

Level Category
Words and Phrases
SD K.4.2
Handicapped persons/special needs [Computers and Society]
SD D.2.5
Handling and recovery, Error [Software Engineering]
SD I.3.1
Hardcopy devices [Computer Graphics]
* B
SD B.7.1
Hardware, Algorithms implemented in [Integrated Circuits]
*** I.3.1
Hardware architecture [Computer Graphics]
SD B.6.3
Hardware description languages [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD B.5.2
Hardware description languages[Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD K.2
Hardware [History of Computing]
SD K.5.m
Hardware patents
*** K.8.2
Hardware [Personal Computing]
SD B.4.5
Hardware reliability [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD I.1.3
Hardware, Special-purpose [Algebraic Manipulation]
SD C.0
Hardware/software interfaces [Computer Systems Organization]
SD B.1.1
Hardwired control [Hardware]
SD E.2
Hash-table representations [Data Storage Representations]
SD J.3
Health [Computer Applications]
SD H.5.2
Help, and documentation, Training,
*** H.2.5
Heterogeneous Databases [Database Management]
SD I.2.8
Heuristic methods [Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.3.7
Hidden line/surface removal [Computer Graphics]
SD D.4.7
Hierarchical design [Operating Systems]
SD I.4.10
Hierarchical [Image Processing]
SD F.1.3
Hierarchies, Complexity [Computation by Abstract Devices]
SD I.3.5
Hierarchies, Object [Computer Graphics]
SD D.4.2
Hierarchies, Storage [Operating Systems]
SD I.3.5
Hierarchy and geometric transformations [Computer Graphics]
SD C.1.3
High-level language architectures
SD D.3.2
High-level languages, Very
** K.2
History of Computing
SD K.6.5
Horses, Trojan [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD D.4.6
Horses, Trojan [Operating Systems]
Human Factors
SD H.1.2
Human factors [Information Systems]
SD H.1.2
Human information processing
SD K.4.1
Human safety [Computers and Society]
** J.5
Humanities, Arts and [Computer Applications]
SD C.1.m
Hybrid systems [Processor Architectures]
SD G.1.8
Hyperbolic equations
SD H.5.1
Hypertext navigation and maps [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD I.7.2
Hypertext/hypermedia [Text Processing]