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Keywords - D

Level Category
Words and Phrases
* E
SD D.3.3
Data, Abstract data types
SD° C.1.2
Data architectures, Multiple data stream (multiprocessors)
SD H.3.5
Data bank sharing [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD C.2.0
Data communications [Computer-Communication Networks]
*** B.4.1
Data Communications Devices, Input/Output and
** B.4
Data Communications[Hardware]
SD K.8.1
Data communications [Personal Computing]
SD E.4
Data compaction and compression
SD H.2.3
Data description languages (DDL) [Database Management]
SD H.2.7
Data dictionary/directory [Database Management]
** E.3
Data Encryption
SD E.3
Data encryption standard (DES)
SD K.4.1
Data flow, Transborder
SD D.2.5
Data generators, Test
SD B.1.5
Data manipulation, Direct [Microcode Applications]
SD H.2.3
Data manipulation languages (DML) [Database Management]
SD H.2.1
Data models [Database Management]
SD E.2
Data, Primitive [Data Storage Representations]
** J.1
Data Processing, Administrative [Computer Applications]
SD I.4.8
Data, Range [Scene Analysis; Image Processing]
SD° B.4.1
Data Receivers [Data Communications Devices]
** E.2
Data Storage Representations
*** C.1.2
Data Stream Architectures, Multiple
*** C.1.1
Data Stream Architectures, Single
** E.1
Data Structures
SD I.3.6
Data structures and data types, Graphics
SD° I.2.10
Data structures, representations, and transforms [Artificial Intelligence]
SD B.4.2
Data terminals and printers [Input/Output Devices]
SD D.2.5
Data, Text data generators
SD° K.4.1
Data, Transborder data flow [Public Policy Issues]
SD H.2.5
Data translation [Database Management]
SD D.3.3
Data types, Abstract [Language Constructs]
SD D.3.3
Data types and structures [Language Constructs]
SD I.3.6
Data types, Graphics data structures and
*** H.2.7
Database Administration [Database Management]
*** H.2.8
Database applications
*** H.2.6
Database Machines [Database Management]
** H.2
Database Management
SD H.2.3
Database (persistent) programming languages [Database Management]
SD K.8.1
Database processing [Personal Computing]
SD C.2.4
Databases, Distributed
*** H.2.5
Databases, Heterogeneous [Database Management]
SD C.1.3
Data-flow architectures
SD D.3.2
Data-flow languages
SD B.5.1
Data-path design [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD H.2.3
DDL (Data description languages)
SD H.2.2
Deadlock avoidance [Database Management]
SD D.4.1
Deadlocks [Operating Systems]
SD I.4.3
Deblurring, Sharpening and [Image Processing]
SD D.2.5
Debugging aids
*** D.2.5
Debugging, Testing and
SD K.6.4
Decentralization/centralization [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD F.4.3
Decision problems
SD F.4.2
Decision problems [Grammars and Other Rewriting Systems]
SD H.4.2
Decision support [Types of Systems; Information Systems Applications]
SD D.2.2
Decision tables
*** I.2.3
Deduction and Theorem Proving
SD I.2.3
Deduction (e.g., natural, rule-based)
*** D.3.1
Definitions and Theory, Formal [Programming Languages]
SD F.3.2
Denotational semantics
SD I.4.8
Depth cues [Image Processing]
SD E.3
DES (Data encryption standard)
SD H.2.3
Description languages, Data (DDL)
SD B.6.3
Description languages, Hardware [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD B.5.2
Description languages, Hardware [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD I.3.4
Description languages, Picture [Computer Graphics]
*** B.1.2
Design Aids, Control Structure Performance Analysis and [Control Structures and Microprogramming]
*** B.6.3
Design Aids [Logic Design; Hardware]
*** B.7.2
Design Aids [Integrated Circuits]
*** B.1.4
Design Aids, Microprogram [Control Structures and Microprogramming]
*** B.2.2
Design Aids, Performance Analysis and [Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
*** B.4.4
Design Aids, Performance Analysis and [Input/Output and Data Communications]
*** B.3.3
Design Aids, Performance Analysis and [Memory Structures]
*** B.5.2
Design Aids [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD I.5.2
Design and evaluation, Classifier [Pattern Recognition]
SD J.6
Design, Computer-aided (CAD) [ComputerApplications]
SD B.5.1
Design, Control [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD B.5.1
Design, Data-path [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD D.4.7
Design, Hierarchical [Operating Systems]
SD C.0
Design, Instruction set [Computer Systems Organization]
SD D.3.2
Design languages [Language Classifications]
** B.6
Design, Logic [Hardware]
*** H.2.1
Design, Logical [Database Management]
SD B.m
Design management [Hardware]
SD B.5.1
Design, Memory [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
*** I.5.2
Design Methodology [Pattern Recognition]
*** C.2.1
Design, Network Architecture and
*** D.4.7
Design, Organization and [Operating Systems]
SD H.5.3
Design, Organizational [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
*** H.2.2
Design, Physical [Database Management]
SD B.2.3
Design, Redundant [Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
SD B.1.3
Design, Redundant [Control Structures and Microprogramming]
SD B.6.2
Design, Redundant [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD B.4.5
Design, Redundant [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD B.7.3
Design, Redundant [Integrated Circuits]
SD B.3.4
Design, Redundant [Memory Structures]
SD B.5.3
Design, Redundant [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
*** B.5.1
Design [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD H.5.2
Design, Screen [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
*** D.2.10
Design [Software Engineering]
SD C.4
Design studies [Performance of Systems]
*** B.2.1
Design Styles [Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
*** B.1.1
Design Styles, Control [Control Structures and Microprogramming]
*** B.6.1
Design Styles [Logic Design; Hardware]
*** B.3.2
Design Styles [Memory Structures]
*** B.7.1
Design Styles, Types and [Integrated Circuits]
SD K.6.1
Design, Systems analysis and [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD I.7.2
Desktop publishing [Text Processing]
SD I.4.6
Detection, Edge and feature
SD G.1.3
SD I.5.1
Deterministic [Models; Pattern Recognition]
*** I.6.5
Development, Model
SD K.6.3
Development, Software
SD K.6.1
Development, Systems [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD° F.4.2
Developmental systems [Grammars and Other Rewriting Systems]
SD I.3.4
Device drivers [Computer Graphics]
SD I.3.6
Device independence [Computer Graphics]
SD I.3.4
Device interfaces, Virtual [Computer Graphics]
SD H.5.2
Devices and strategies, Input [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD F.1.1
Devices, Bounded-action
** F.1
Devices, Computation by Abstract
*** B.4.1
Devices, Data Communications
SD I.3.1
Devices, Hardcopy [Computer Graphics]
SD I.3.1
Devices, Input [Computer Graphics]
*** B.4.2
Devices, Input/Output
SD I.3.1
Devices, Raster display [Computer Graphics]
SD D.4.2
Devices, Secondary storage [Operating Systems]
SD I.3.1
Devices, Storage [Computer Graphics]
SD F.1.1
Devices, Unbounded-action [Computation by Abstract Devices]
SD I.3.1
Devices, Vector display [Computer Graphics]
SD B.2.3
Diagnostics [Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
SD B.1.3
Diagnostics [Control Structures and Microprogramming]
SD B.4.5
Diagnostics [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD B.3.4
Diagnostics [Memory Structures]
SD D.2.5
Diagnostics [Testing and Debugging; Software Engineering]
**° A.2
Dictionaries [General Literature]
SD H.3.1
Dictionaries [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD H.2.7
Dictionary/directory, Data [Database Management]
SD G.2.1
Difference equations, Recurrences and
SD G.1.1
Difference formulas
SD G.1.4
Difference methods, Finite
SD G.1.8
Difference methods [Partial Differential Equations]
*** G.1.7
Differential Equations, Ordinary
*** G.1.8
Differential Equations, Partial
*** G.1.4
Differentiation, Quadrature and Numerical
*** I.4.1
Digitization [Image Processing]
SD I.3.3
Digitizing and scanning [Computer Graphics]
SD G.1.3
Direct and iterative methods, Linear Systems [Numerical Linear Algebra]
SD B.1.5
Direct data manipulation [Microcode Applications]
SD H.5.2
Direct manipulation [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD H.2.7
Directory, Data dictionary [Database Management]
SD D.4.3
Directory structures [File Systems Management; Operating Systems]
SD I.2.7
Discourse [Artificial Intelligence]
SD I.6.8
Discrete event [Simulation and Modeling]
** G.2
Discrete Mathematics
SD I.6.1
Discrete simulation and modeling
SD F.2.2
Discrete structures, Computations on [Nonnumerical Algorithms and Problems]
SD H.5.1
Disk [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD I.3.3
Display algorithms [Computer Graphics]
SD I.3.1
Display devices, Raster [Computer Graphics]
SD I.3.1
Display devices, Vector [Computer Graphics]
SD B.4.2
Display, Image [Input/Output Devices]
SD I.4.0
Displays, Image [Image Processing]
SD I.3.1
Displays, Three-dimensional
SD H.3.4
Dissemination of information, Selective­SDI
SD C.2.4
Distributed applications[Computer-Communication Networks]
*** I.2.11
Distributed Artificial Intelligence
SD° D.3.2
Distributed, concurrent, and parallel languages
SD C.2.4
Distributed databases [Computer-Communication Networks]
SD D.4.3
Distributed file systems [File Systems Management; Operating Systems]
SD D.4.2
Distributed memories
SD C.2.1
Distributed networks
SD D.1.3
Distributed programming
SD I.6.8
Distributed [Simulation and Modeling]
*** C.2.4
Distributed Systems [Computer-Communication Networks]
SD H.2.4
Distributed systems [Database Management]
SD D.4.7
Distributed systems [Operating Systems]
SD I.3.2
Distributed/network graphics [Computer Graphics]
*** D.2.7
Distribution and Maintenance [Software Engineering]
SD H.2.3
DML (Data manipulation languages)
*** I.7.2
Document Preparation [Text Processing]
SD D.2.7
Documentation [Software Engineering]
SD H.5.2
Documentation, Training, help, and [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD I.3.4
Drivers, Device [Computer Graphics]
SD D.2.5
SD H.5.1
DVI [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD I.2.8
Dynamic programming [Artificial Intelligence]
SD D.3.3
Dynamic storage management [Programming Languages]