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Keywords - A

Level Category
Words and Phrases
SD D.3.3
Abstract data types [Language Constructs]
** F.1
Abstract Devices, Computation by
SD H.3.1
Abstracting methods [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD K.4.2
Abuse and crime involving computers
SD D.4.6
Access controls [Security and Protection; Operating Systems]
SD B.6.1
Access, Memory control and [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD H.2.2
Access methods [Database Management]
SD D.4.3
Access methods [File Systems Management; Operating Systems]
SD° F.1.1
Access, Random Access Machines [Computation by Abstract Devices]
SD C.2.5
Access schemes [Local Networks]
SD B.3.2
Access, Sequential-access memory
SD K.3.m
SD I.2.6
Acquisition, Knowledge
SD I.2.6
Acquisition, Language
SD C.1.3
Adaptable architectures
SD G.1.4
Adaptive quadrature
*** H.2.7
Administration, Database [Database Management]
** J.1
Administrative Data Processing [Computer Applications]
SD B.7.1
Advanced technologies [Integrated Circuits]
SD J.2
Aerospace [Computer Applications]
*** B.1.2
Aids, Control Structure Performance Analysis and Design
SD D.2.5
Aids, Debugging
*** B.6.3
Aids, Design [Logic Design; Hardware]
*** B.7.2
Aids, Design [Integrated Circuits]
*** B.5.2
Aids, Design [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
*** B.1.4
Aids, Microprogram Design
*** B.2.2
Aids, Performance Analysis and Design [Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
*** B.4.4
Aids, Performance Analysis and Design [Input/Output and Data Communications]
*** B.3.3
Aids, Performance Analysis and Design [Memory Structures]
*** G.1.3
Algebra, Numerical Linear
SD I.1.2
Algebraic algorithms [Algebraic Manipulation]
SD F.3.2
Algebraic approaches to semantics
SD F.4.3
Algebraic language theory
** I.1
Algebraic Manipulation
SD I.1.3
Algebraic systems, Special-purpose
SD G.4
Algorithm analysis [Mathematical Software]
SD I.1.2
Algorithms, Algebraic
*** I.1.2
Algorithms [Algebraic Manipulation]
SD I.1.2
Algorithms, Analysis of [Algebraic Manipulation]
**° F.2
Algorithms, Analysis of [Theory of Computation]
*** F.2.2
Algorithms and Problems, Nonnumerical
*** F.2.1
Algorithms and Problems, Numerical
SD I.2.2
Algorithms, Automatic analysis of
SD I.5.3
Algorithms [Clustering; Pattern Recognition]
SD G.2.1
Algorithms, Combinatorial
SD I.3.3
Algorithms, Display
SD I.3.5
Algorithms, Geometric
SD G.2.2
Algorithms, Graph
SD B.7.1
Algorithms implemented in hardware [Integrated Circuits]
SD G.1.2
Algorithms, Minimax approximation and [Approximation; Numerical Analysis]
SD I.1.2
Algorithms, Nonalgebraic
SD G.1.0
Algorithms, Numerical [Numerical Analysis]
SD G.1.0
Algorithms, Parallel
SD G.3
Algorithms, Probabilistic
SD I.3.3
Algorithms, Viewing
SD I.3.7
Algorithms, Visible line/surface [Computer Graphics]
SD K.6.2
Allocation, Pricing and resource [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD D.4.2
Allocation/deallocation strategies [Storage Management; Operating Systems]
SD F.1.2
Alternation and nondeterminism [Modes of Computation]
SD C.1.m
Analog computers
SD I.2.6
Analogies [Artificial Intelligence]
SD G.4
Analysis, Algorithm [Mathematical Software]
*** B.1.2
Analysis and Design Aids, Control Structure Performance
*** B.2.2
Analysis and Design Aids, Performance [Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
*** H.3.1
Analysis and Indexing, Content
SD G.1.0
Analysis, Error [Numerical Analysis]
SD G.1.3
Analysis, Error [Numerical Linear Algebra]
SD G.1.7
Analysis, Error [Ordinary Differential Equations]
SD G.1.4
Analysis, Error [Quadrature and Numerical Differentiation]
SD G.1.5
Analysis, Error [Roots of Nonlinear Equations]
*** I.6.4
Analysis, Model Validation and [Simulation and Modeling]
** G.1
Analysis, Numerical
SD I.1.2
Analysis of algorithms [Algebraic Manipulation]
** F.2
Analysis of Algorithms and Problem Complexity[Theory of Computation]
SD I.2.2
Analysis of algorithms, Automatic [Artificial Intelligence]
SD D.4.8
Analysis, Operational
SD I.5.2
Analysis, Pattern
*** B.4.4
Analysis, Performance [Input/Output and Data Communications]
*** B.3.3
Analysis, Performance [Memory Structures]
*** I.4.8
Analysis, Scene
*** I.6.6
Analysis, Simulation Output
SD D.4.8
Analysis, Stochastic
SD° K.6.1
Analysis, Systems
SD K.6.1
Analysis, Systems
SD I.2.7
Analysis, Text
SD I.5.4
Analysis, Waveform
SD B.2.2
Analysis, Worst-case [Arithmetic and Logic Structures]
SD B.4.4
Analysis, Worst-case [Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD B.3.3
Analysis, Worst-case [Memory Structures]
SD I.3.7
Animation [Computer Graphics]
SD I.6.8
Animation [Simulation and Modeling]
SD H.5.1
Animations [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD I.2.3
Answer/reason extraction
SD I.3.3
SD D.3.2
Application languages, Specialized
SD I.3.4
Application packages [Computer Graphics]
*** K.8.1
Application Packages [Personal Computing]
** C.3
Application-Based Systems, Special-Purpose and
*** I.1.4
Applications [Algebraic Manipulation]
* J
*** I.2.1
Applications and Expert Systems [Artificial Intelligence]
*** H.4.3
Applications, Communications
*** I.3.8
Applications [Computer Graphics]
*** H.2.8
Applications, Database
SD C.2.4
Applications, Distributed [Distributed Systems]
SD J.1
Applications, Financial [Computer Applications]
*** I.4.9
Applications [Image Processing]
** H.4
Applications, Information Systems
*** B.1.5
Applications, Microcode
SD C.3
Applications, Microprocessor/Microcomputer [Computer Systems Organization]
*** I.5.4
Applications [Pattern Recognition]
*** I.6.3
Applications [Simulation and Modeling]
*** D.1.1
Applicative (Functional) Programming
SD D.3.2
Applicative languages
SD F.3.2
Approaches to semantics, Algebraic
SD I.4.2
Approximate methods [Image Processing]
*** G.1.2
SD G.1.2
Approximation, Chebyshev
SD G.1.2
Approximation, Elementary function
SD G.1.2
Approximation, Least squares
SD G.1.2
Approximation, Linear
SD G.1.2
Approximation, Minimax
SD G.1.2
Approximation, Nonlinear
SD G.1.2
Approximation, Rational
SD G.1.2
Approximation, Spline and piecewise polynomial
SD I.2.10
Architecture and control structures [Artificial Intelligence]
SD C.1.3
Architecture, Cellular
*** I.3.1
Architecture, Hardware [Computer Graphics]
*** C.2.1
Architecture, Network
SD C.2.2
Architecture, Protocol
*** C.1.3
Architecture Styles, Other
SD C.1.3
Architectures, Adaptable
SD C.1.3
Architectures, Capability
SD C.1.2
Architectures, Common bus
SD C.1.2
Architectures, Crossbar-switch [Multiple Data Stream Architectures (Multiprocessors)]
SD C.1.3
Architectures, Data-flow
SD C.1.3
Architectures, High-level language
SD C.1.2
Architectures, Interconnection [Multiple Data Stream Architectures (Multiprocessors)]
*** C.1.2
Architectures, Multiple Data Stream [Multiprocessors]
SD° C.1.2
Architectures, Multiport memory
SD° C.1.2
Architectures, Multiprocessor
** C.1
Architectures, Processor
*** C.1.1
Architectures, Single Data Stream
SD I.5.5
Architectures, Special [Pattern Recognition]
SD C.0
Architectures, System
SD C.1.1
Architectures, Von Neumann
SD H.3.6
Archives, Large text [Information Storage and Retrieval]
** B.2
Arithmetic and Logic Structures[Hardware]
SD B.5.1
Arithmetic and logic units [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD G.1.0
Arithmetic, Computer [Numerical Analysis]
SD C.1.2
Array and vector processors
SD B.6.1
Arrays, Cellular [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD E.1
Arrays [Data Structures]
SD B.7.1
Arrays, Gate [Integrated Circuits]
SD B.6.1
Arrays, Logic [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD B.1.1
Arrays, Microprogrammed logic
** I.2
Artificial Intelligence
*** I.2.11
Artificial Intelligence, Distributed
SD H.5.1
Artificial realities [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
** J.5
Arts and Humanities [Computer Applications]
SD J.5
Arts, fine and performing [Computer Applications]
** K.5
Aspects, Legal
SD D.3.2
Assembly languages
SD D.2.4
Assertion checkers [Software Engineering]
SD F.3.1
Assertions [Logics and Meanings of Programs]
SD B.3.2
Associative memories
SD C.1.2
Associative processors [Processor Architectures]
SD K.6.4
Assurance, Quality [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD D.2.9
Assurance, Software quality (SQA)
SD J.2
Astronomy [Computer Applications]
SD H.5.3
Asynchronous interaction [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD B.4.3
Asynchronous/synchronous operation[Input/Output and Data Communications]
SD J.2
Atmospheric and earth sciences [Computer Applications]
SD I.2.10
Attributes, Modeling and recovery of physical
SD C.4
Attributes, Performance
SD H.5.1
Audio input/output [Information Interfaces and Presentation]
SD K.6.4
Audit, Management
SD K.6.5
Authentication [Management of Computing and Information Systems]
SD D.4.6
Authentication [Security and Protection; Operating Systems]
SD° A.0
SD F.1.1
SD B.6.1
Automata, Cellular arrays and [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD F.1.1
Automata, Cellular [Models of Computation]
SD F.4.3
Automata, Classes defined by grammars or
SD F.4.3
Automata, Classes defined by resource-bounded
SD I.2.2
Automatic analysis of algorithms [Artificial Intelligence]
*** I.2.2
Automatic Programming [Artificial Intelligence]
*** D.1.2
Automatic Programming[Software]
SD B.6.3
Automatic synthesis [Logic Design; Hardware]
SD B.1.2
Automatic synthesis [Control Structures and Microprogramming; Hardware]
SD B.5.2
Automatic synthesis [Register-Transfer-Level Implementation]
SD I.2.1
Automation, Industrial [Artificial Intelligence]
*** H.3.6
Automation, Library [Information Storage and Retrieval]
SD I.2.1
Automation, Office [Artificial Intelligence]
*** H.4.1
Automation, Office [Information Systems Applications]
SD C.4
Availability [Performance of Systems]
SD H.2.2
Avoidance of Deadlock