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Articles by Topics
Topic D. - Software
Topic D.4.9 - Systems Programs and Utilities

M.I. Al-Saleh, E. Qawasmeh, Z.A. Al-Sharif:
Utilizing Debugging Information of Applications in Memory Forensics
page 805 - 826
Vol.26 / Issue 7
O.A. Alzubi, T.M. Chen, J.A. Alzubi, H. Rashaideh, N. Al-Najdawi:
Secure Channel Coding Schemes based on Algebraic-Geometric Codes over Hermitian Curves
page 552 - 566
Vol.22 / Issue 4
K. Salah, M.-A.-R. Al-Khiaty, R. Ahmed, A. Mahdi:
Performance Evaluation of Snort under Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008
page 1605 - 1622
Vol.17 / Issue 11