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Luis Martínez-López

Referee for: H.0, H.3, I.2, I.3, I.4, I.5, I.6, J.0, J.7, J.m
Institution: University of Jaén
Address: Computer Sciences School
Computer Sciences Deparment
Campus Las Lagunillas, s/n
23071 Jaén
Home Page: http://wwwdi.ujaen.es/~martin

Curriculum Vitae:
Luis Martínez received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science in 1991 and 1993, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in Computer Sciences in 1999 from the University of Granada, Granada, Spain. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the School of Computing and Engineering, University of Jaén, Jaén, Spain. His current research interests are linguistic preference modelling, decision making, fuzzy logic based systems, computer aided learning, sensory evaluation, recommender systems and electronic commerce. He co-edited several journal special issues on fuzzy preference modelling and fuzzy sets theory. He is now the Main Researcher of Intelligent Systems Research Group in University of Jaén. He has published over 80 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences. He served in the programme committees of about 12 Conferences and chaired two of them. He is the registered reviewer of 11 international journals.

Main Research Interests:

  • fuzzy logic
  • fuzzy preference modelling
  • multi-criteria decision making
  • decision support systems
  • intelligent electronic services: recommender systems