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Rob Hartog

Referee for: J.2, J.3, J.4, J.6, K.3, K.3.0, K.3.1, K.3.2
Institution: Wageningen University
Address: Retired, formerly Wageningen University
Troubadour 160
1188DB Amstelveen
The Netherlands

Curriculum Vitae:

Rob J.M. Hartog (1948) has an Msc degree (experimental physics) from the University of Amsterdam and a PhD degree (eLearning and research methodology) from Wageningen University. He has been teaching physics at several educational institutes. From 1979 till 1986 he taugth physics and pedagogical content knowledge of physics at the teacher training centre (NLO) in Nijmegen. From 1986 till his retirement in 2012 he was employed by Wageningen University. Besides lecturing information systems development, his primary task was to manage large projects on the use of information and communication technology in higher education. He was co-supervisor in six PhD projects on eLearning in specific disciplines within life sciences. As project leader he was also responsible for the Wageningen Multimedia Research Centre.

Main Research Interests:

  • design and development of interactive learning support systems
  • capturing and management of pedagogical content knowledge
  • design-oriented research in education
  • electronic performance support in laboratory classes