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Jan Bergstra

Referee for: B.1, E.0, D.1.4, D.2.1, D.2.5, D.3.1, F.1.1
Institution: University of Amsterdam
Address: University of Amsterdam
Informatics Institute
Science Park 107
1098 XG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Home Page: http://staff.science.uva.nl/~janb/

Curriculum Vitae:


  • Professor of theoretical software engineering / group leader of the Section Software Engineering of the CSP Laboratory of the Institute of Informatics in the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam)
  • Honorary visiting professor Department of Computer Science, University of Swansea (Wales, UK)
  • 1985-2008, part-time position: Professor of Applied Logic, Utrecht Univerity, Department of Philosophy

Main Research Interests:

  • process theory and theory of multi-threading
  • abstract data types
  • foundations of programming
  • sequential and multi-valued logics