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Jean-Marc Andreoli

Referee for: C.2.4, D.1.3, D.1.5, D.1.6, D.2.4, D.3.1, F.3.1, F.3.2, F.4.1, F.4.2, I.2
Institution: Rank Xerox Research Centre
Address: Xerox Research Centre Europe
6, chemin de Maupertuis
38240 Meylan
Home Page: http://www.xrce.xerox.com/people/andreoli/

Curriculum Vitae:

Jean-Marc Andreoli joined XRCE in September 1993, and currently holds the position of lab chief scientist. Since September 1999, he also works part-time for Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy (team "Logique de la Programmation").

Jean-Marc Andreoli holds an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris (1985), a "Thèse de doctorat" (PhD) from Université de Paris 6 (1990) and a "Thèse d'Habilitation" (Habilitation) from Université de Grenoble (2001). In the past, he worked for two years with the IBM assembly plant in Montpellier, France, then for five years at the ECRC (European Computer Industry Research Centre) in Munich, Germany, first as a PhD student and then as a full employee. His early research interests included Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, in particular for computer aided fault diagnosis and troubleshooting, which he applied to mainframes assembly at IBM. At ECRC, his research focussed on programming paradigms and their combinations (logic, constraints, objects, agents). Current research interests include distributed component coordination, structured document manipulation, heterogeneous knowledge retrieval and browsing, workflow. On a more theoretical side, he is also interested in the use of Logic for Computer Science, in particular the paradigm of computation based on proof-construction in Linear Logic.

Main Research Interests:

  • distributed object coordination infra-structures
  • heterogeneous knowledge retrieval and browsing
  • workflow
  • document management