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Articles by Category
I. - Computing Methodologies
I.2.4 - Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods

A.-P. Chen, M.-Y. Chen:
A Review of Survey Research in Knowledge Management Performance
page 4 - 12
Vol.0 / Issue 1
S. Karapiperis, D. Apostolou:
Consensus Building in Collaborative Ontology Engineering Processes
page 199 - 216
Vol.1 / Issue 3
W. Liu, A. Weichselbraun, A. Scharl, E. Chang:
Semi-Automatic Ontology Extension Using Spreading Activation
page 50 - 58
Vol.0 / Issue 1
C. Müller, J. Bahrs, N. Gronau:
Considering the Knowledge Factor in Agile Software Development
page 128 - 147
Vol.0 / Issue 2
B. Schmiedinger, K. Valentin, E. Stephan:
Competence Based Business Development - Organizational Competencies as Basis for Successful Companies
page 13 - 20
Vol.0 / Issue 1