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Articles by Topics
Topic C. - Computer Systems Organization

P. A. Carlson:
Wonders of the Invisible Workplace: IT and Process Reinvention
page 256 - 271
Vol.6 / Issue 3
J. Kokila, N. Ramasubramanian, R. Thamma:
Dynamic Estimation of Temporary Failure in SoC FPGAs for Heterogeneous Applications
page 1776 - 1799
Vol.24 / Issue 12
V. Leppänen:
Balanced PRAM Simulations via Moving Threads and Hashing
page 675 - 689
Vol.4 / Issue 8
A. Neyem, S.F. Ochoa, J.A. Pino:
Integrating Service-Oriented Mobile Units to Support Collaboration in Ad-hoc Scenarios
page 88 - 122
Vol.14 / Issue 1

Topic C.5.0 - General Topic C.5.1 - Large and Medium (``Mainframe'') Computers Topic C.5.2 - Minicomputers Topic C.5.5 - Servers Topic C.5.m - Miscellaneous