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Mariko Yasugi

Referee for: F.1, F.2, F.4.1, F.m, G.0,
Institution: Kyoto Sangyo University
Address: Faculty of Science
Kyoto Sangyo University
Kita-ku, Kyoto
Japan 603-8555
Home Page: http://www.kyoto-su.ac.jp/%7Eyasugi/page/index.html#mainpage

Curriculum Vitae:
Born in Tokyo, Japan. Studies of Philosophy of Science and Mathematics at University of Tokyo(Japan) and University of Illinois(USA). Doctor of Science in Mathematics from University of Tokyo 1966. Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer in Math. at University of Bristol(UK) 1966-68. Postdoctoral Fellow in Math. at Carnegie- Mellon University(USA) 1968-70. Assistant Professor in Math. at Dalhousie University(Canada) 1970-72. Associate Professor in Math. at Shizuoka University(Japan) 1972-1977. Associate Professor in Electronics and Information Sciences at University of Tsukuba(Japan) 1977-1986. Full Professor in Computer Science at Kyoto Sangyo University(Japan) 1986-present. Lecturer of Intensive Courses at Nagoya University and Hokkaido University. Head of the Department twice.

Main Research Interests:

  • classic consistency proofs using ordinal notations
  • constructive systems and term systems representing proof-theory
  • syntactic approaches to nonstandard analysis
  • computability structures in mathematics