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Peter Widmayer

Referee for: D.1.3, E.1, F.2, G.2.2, I.3.5, J.2,
Institution: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH)
Address: Department of Computer Science
Institute of Theoretical Computer Science
Algorithms, Data Structures, and Applications
ETH Zentrum
8092, Z├╝rich
Home Page: http://www.ti.inf.ethz.ch/people/widmayer.html

Curriculum Vitae:

Peter Widmayer has been full Professor of Computer Science at the ETH Zurich since 1992.

Peter Widmayer, who was born in 1953, is from Ehningen, Germany. He studied at the Technical University in Karlsruhe, where he received his doctorate with a dissertation on algorithms and complexity in computer graphics and VLSI design. Afterwards, he spent a year at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights NY. He completed his habilitation at the University of Karlsruhe with his work on Approximation algorithms for Steiner's problem in graphs. As professor of Computer Science he taught at the University of Freiburg in Breisgau and has been lecturing in theoretical computer science at the ETH Zurich since 1992. His research interests lie in the area of data structures and algorithms.

Throughout his teaching career, Prof. Widmayer has supported the use of the computer to transfer knowledge. With his colleagues, he has produced media courses on a variety of topics relating to the area of algorithms and data structures. One of his textbooks "Algorithmen und Data Structuren" (in collaboration with Th. Ottmann), is available in electronic form.

Main Research Interests:

  • algorithms and data structures, especially for geometric and combinatorial problems, including parallel computation, geographic information systems