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Huseyin Uzunboylu
Near East University, Cyprus

J. GarcĂ­a Laborda, H. Uzunboylu, S. Ross:
Future Trends in Computing Technology in Education
page 1 - 3
Vol.22 / Issue 1
H. Uzunboylu:
Innovative Instructional Technologies
page 600 - 601
Vol.19 / Issue 5
H. Bicen, H. Uzunboylu:
The Use of Social Networking Sites in Education: A Case Study of Facebook
page 658 - 671
Vol.19 / Issue 5
H. Uzunboylu, V. Tugun:
Validity and Reliability of Tablet Supported Education Attitude and Usability Scale
page 82 - 93
Vol.22 / Issue 1