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Hüseyin Uzunboylu
Near East University, Turkey

E. Çeker, H. Uzunboylu:
A Dilemma on "Web-based/Mobile Assessment" by or for Teachers: A Content Analysis
page 1238 - 1255
Vol.23 / Issue 12
H. Uzunboylu, Ç. Hürsen, G. Özütürk, M. Demirok:
Determination of Turkish University Students' Attitudes for Mobile Integrated EFL Classrooms in North Cyprus and Scale Development: ELLMTAS
page 1283 - 1296
Vol.21 / Issue 10
H. Uzunboylu, E. Gide:
Mobile Learning and Instructional Mobile Applications
page 1109 - 1112
Vol.23 / Issue 12