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David Taniar
Monash University, Australia

D. Taniar, I. Khalil, E. Pardede:
Cloud Computing
page 1134 - 1134
Vol.17 / Issue 8
O. Gervasi, K. Tan, M. Gavrilova, D. Taniar:
Computational Science and its Applications
page 889 - 890
Vol.16 / Issue 6
M. Safar, N. El-Sayed, K. Mahdi, D. Taniar:
Entropy Optimization of Social Networks Using an Evolutionary Algorithm
page 983 - 1003
Vol.16 / Issue 6
G. Kotsis, D. Taniar, I. Khalil, E. Pardede:
Information Integration on Web-based Applications and Services
page 2026 - 2027
Vol.15 / Issue 10
T.-h. Kim, A. Kusiak, D. Taniar, D. Zhang:
Intelligent Environments and Services
page 2284 - 2286
Vol.15 / Issue 12
E. Pardede, J.W. Rahayu, R. Kaur Aujla, D. Taniar:
SQL/XML Hierarchical Query Performance Analysis in an XML-Enabled Database System
page 2058 - 2077
Vol.15 / Issue 10