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Marjan Sirjani
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran and School of Computer Science, IPM, Iran

F. Arbab, M. Sirjani:
Applications of Formal Methods to System Design and Verification
page 1970 - 1971
Vol.13 / Issue 13
H. Hojjat, H. Nakhost, M. Sirjani:
Integrating Module Checking and Deduction in a Formal Proof for the Perlman Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
page 2076 - 2104
Vol.13 / Issue 13
M. Sirjani, A. Movaghar, A. Shali, F. S. de Boer:
Model Checking, Automated Abstraction, and Compositional Verification of Rebeca Models
page 1054 - 1082
Vol.11 / Issue 6
M. Sirjani, F.S. de Boer, A. Movaghar:
Modular Verification of a Component-Based Actor Language
page 1695 - 1717
Vol.11 / Issue 10