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Submission Procedure
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Weiming Shen
University of Western Ontario, Canada

C. Zheng, W. Shen, H. Ghenniwa:
An Adaptive Intent Resolving Scheme for Service Discovery and Integration
page 1791 - 1812
Vol.20 / Issue 13
Y. Xue, C. Wang, H.H. Ghenniwa, W. Shen:
A Tree Similarity Measuring Method and its Application to Ontology Comparison
page 1766 - 1781
Vol.15 / Issue 9
W. Shen, W. Li, J.A. Pino, J. Luo:
Collaborative Computing and Applications
page 1708 - 1711
Vol.20 / Issue 13
M.R.S. Borges, W. Shen, J.A. Pino, S.F. Ochoa:
CSCWD: Applications and Challenges
page 162 - 163
Vol.17 / Issue 2
M.R.S. Borges, J.A. Pino, W. Shen:
CSCWD: New Applications and Challenges
page 1884 - 1886
Vol.17 / Issue 14
J. Yong, W. Shen, J.A. Pino:
CSCWD Technologies, Applications and Challenges
page 1744 - 1748
Vol.15 / Issue 9