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Lutz Prechelt
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

L. Prechelt, G. Malpohl, M. Philippsen:
Finding Plagiarisms among a Set of Programs with JPlag
page 1016 - 1038
Vol.8 / Issue 11
L. Prechelt, C. Krämer:
Functionality versus Practicality: Employing Existing Tools for Recovering Structural Design Patterns
page 866 - 882
Vol.4 / Issue 12
L. Prechelt:
The Forum for Negative Results (FNR)
Guest Editorial
page 2748 - 2749
Vol.18 / Issue 20
L. Prechelt:
Why We Need an Explicit Forum for Negative Results
page 1074 - 1083
Vol.3 / Issue 9