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Javier Parapar
University of A Coruña, Spain

D. Valcarce, J. Parapar, Á. Barreiro:
A Distributed Recommendation Platform for Big Data
page 1810 - 1829
Vol.21 / Issue 13
J. Parapar, D.E. Losada, Á. Barreiro:
Combining Psycho-linguistic, Content-based and Chat-based Features to Detect Predation in Chatrooms
page 213 - 239
Vol.20 / Issue 2
I. Hasan, J. Parapar, Á. Barreiro:
Improving the Extraction of Text in PDFs by Simulating the Human Reading Order
page 623 - 649
Vol.18 / Issue 5
F. Cacheda, J. Parapar:
Information Retrieval and Recommender Systems
page 1706 - 1707
Vol.21 / Issue 13
R.F. Bulcão-Neto, J.A. Camacho-Guerrero, M. Dutra, Á. Barreiro, J. Parapar, A.A. Macedo:
The Use of Latent Semantic Indexing to Mitigate OCR Effects of Related Document Images
page 64 - 80
Vol.17 / Issue 1