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Submission Procedure
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Atulya K. Nagar
Liverpool Hope University, Unted Kingdom

A.P. Venkatesan, D. Thomas, T. Robinson, A.K. Nagar:
Array P System with Shuffle on Trajectories
page 1802 - 1820
Vol.18 / Issue 13
N. Buckley, A.K. Nagar, S. Arumugam:
On Real-valued Visual Cryptographic Basis Matrices
page 1536 - 1562
Vol.21 / Issue 12
A.K. Nagar, T. Robinson:
Recent Advances in Bio-Inspired Computing: Theory and Applications
page 1757 - 1759
Vol.18 / Issue 13
M. Ali, M. Pant, A.K. Nagar, C.W. Ahn:
Two Local Search Strategies for Differential Evolution
page 1853 - 1870
Vol.18 / Issue 13