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Martin A. Musicante
Catholic University of Parana, Brazil

M.A. Musicante, E. Potrich:
Expressing Workflow Patterns for Web Services: The Case of PEWS
page 903 - 921
Vol.12 / Issue 7
C. Carvilhe, M. A. Musicante:
Object-Oriented Action Semantics Specifications
page 910 - 934
Vol.9 / Issue 8
C. Ba, M.A. Carrero, M. Halfeld Ferrari, M.A. Musicante:
PEWS: A New Language for Building Web Service Interfaces
page 1215 - 1233
Vol.11 / Issue 7
M.A. Musicante, R.M.F. Lima:
The 9th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages
page 1115 - 1116
Vol.11 / Issue 7
A. Murbach Maidl, C. Carvilhe, M.A. Musicante:
Using Visitor Patterns in Object-Oriented Action Semantics
page 891 - 919
Vol.13 / Issue 6