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Yi Mu
University of Wollongong , Australia

Y. Yu, Y. Mu:
Advances of Provable Security Techniques
page 154 - 157
Vol.25 / Issue 3
W. Wu, Y. Mu, W. Susilo, X. Huang:
Certificate-based Signatures Revisited
page 1659 - 1684
Vol.15 / Issue 8
L. Chen, W. Susilo, H. Wang, D.S. Wong, E. Dawson, X. Lai, M. Mambo, A. Miyaji, Y. Mu, D. Pointcheval, B. Preneel, N. Smart:
Cryptography in Computer System Security
page 314 - 315
Vol.14 / Issue 3
Y. Yu, Y. Mu, G. Ateniese:
Recent Advances in Security and Privacy in Big Data
page 365 - 358
Vol.21 / Issue 3