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Submission Procedure
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Alok Mishra
Atilim University, Turkey

D. Mishra, A. Mishra:
A Global Software Inspection Process for Distributed Software Development
page 2731 - 2746
Vol.18 / Issue 19
A. Mishra, J. M√ľnch, D. Mishra:
Distributed Development of Information System
page 2599 - 2601
Vol.18 / Issue 19
A. Mishra, S.K. Khatri, P. Kapur, U. Kumar:
Quality and Reliability Engineering: Trends and Future Directions
page 1677 - 1679
Vol.24 / Issue 12
K. Kaur, S.K. Khatri, A. Mishra, R. Datta:
Statistical Usage Testing at Different Levels of Testing
page 1800 - 1820
Vol.24 / Issue 12