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Submission Procedure
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Wojciech Mazurczyk
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

J. Keller, W. Mazurczyk, B. Genge, L. Fritsch, S. Vrhovec:
Cyberattack Detection and Response
page 1394 - 1395
Vol.25 / Issue 11
S. Wendzel, F. Link, D. Eller, W. Mazurczyk:
Detection of Size Modulation Covert Channels Using Countermeasure Variation
page 1396 - 1416
Vol.25 / Issue 11
W. Frączek, W. Mazurczyk, K. Szczypiorski:
Multilevel Steganography: Improving Hidden Communication in Networks
page 1967 - 1986
Vol.18 / Issue 14
A. Janicki, W. Mazurczyk, X. Luo, D. Ye:
Recent Advances in Detection, Investigation and Mitigation of Cyber Crimes
page 1039 - 1042
Vol.25 / Issue 9
J. Keller, I. Bernik, W. Mazurczyk:
Technical and Social Aspects of Critical Infrastructure Security
page 554 - 555
Vol.24 / Issue 5
S. Wendzel, W. Mazurczyk, S. Zander:
Unified Description for Network Information Hiding Methods
page 1456 - 1486
Vol.22 / Issue 11