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Alexandru Mateescu
Academy of Finland and the Mathematics Department, University of Turku, Finland

A. Atanasiu, C. Martín-Vide, A. Mateescu:
Codifiable Languages and the Parikh Matrix Mapping
page 783 - 793
Vol.7 / Issue 9
A. Mateescu:
J.UCS Special Issue on Formal Languages and Automata (WFLA)
page 493 - 493
Vol.5 / Issue 9
A. Mateescu, A. Salomaa, K. Salomaa, S. Yu:
Lexical Analysis with a Simple Finite-Fuzzy-Automaton Model
page 292 - 311
Vol.1 / Issue 5
A. Mateescu, G. Paun, G. Rozenberg, A. Salomaa:
Parikh Prime Words and GO-like Territories
page 790 - 810
Vol.1 / Issue 12