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Stephan Lukosch
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

D. Datcu, S. Lukosch, H. Lukosch:
A Collaborative Game to Study Presence and Situational Awareness in a Physical and an Augmented Reality Environment
page 247 - 270
Vol.22 / Issue 12
T. Holmer, S. Lukosch, V. Kunz:
Diminishing Chat Confusion by Multiple Visualizations
page 3139 - 3157
Vol.15 / Issue 16
D. Azevedo, B. Fonseca, H. Paredes, S. Lukosch, J. Janeiro, R.O. Briggs:
On the Development and Usability of a Diagram-based Collaborative Brainstorming Component
page 873 - 893
Vol.19 / Issue 7
S. Lukosch:
Seamless Transition between Connected and Disconnected Collaborative Interaction
page 59 - 87
Vol.14 / Issue 1
T. Schümmer, S. Lukosch:
Understanding Tools and Practices for Distributed Pair Programming
page 3101 - 3125
Vol.15 / Issue 16