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Giuseppe Longo

Referee for: F.3.2, F.4.1
Institution: École Normale Supérieure
Address: Departement de Mathematiques et Informatique
École Normale Supérieure
45, Rue d'Ulm
75230 Paris Cedex 05
Home Page: http://www.di.ens.fr/~longo//

Curriculum Vitae:


  • Directeur de Recherches, Departement de Mathematiques et Informatique, ENS Paris
  • Former professor of Computer Science at the Universita' di Pisa

Miscellaneous Scientific Activities

Editor-in-chief of Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, Editor of Information and Computation, Editor of Theoretical Informatics and Applications. Programme Committes of about 20 Conferences in Logic and Computer Science (forthcoming: CSL98, LICS'98, Chairman of LICS'99).

Main Research Interests:

  • Theory of Computation, Type Theory, Category Theory and their applications to Computer Science, Syntactic and semantic properties of "core" functional languages, Combinatory Logic, Lambda-calculus and their extensions. However, he always investigated these topics in its broadest setting which relates it to Recursion Theory, Proof Theory and Category Theory.
  • In this perspective, Longo worked at Axiomatic Approaches to Recursion Theory, Higher Type Recursion Theory, Domain Theory and Category Theory as part of a unified mathematical framework for the theory and the design of functional languages. In a sense, Longo has always been mostly interested in the "interconnecting results" or "bridges" and applications among different areas and to language design. Recent interests: Cognitive Sciences.