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Jennifer Lennon
Hypermedia Unit, Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland, New Zealand

J. Lennon, H. Maurer:
Applications and Impact of Hypermedia Systems: An Overview
page 54 - 107
Vol.0 / Issue 0
R. Stubenrauch, D. G. Camhy, J. Lennon, H. Maurer:
Applications of MIRACLE: Working With Dynamic Visual Information
page 349 - 365
Vol.9 / Issue 4
J. Lennon, H. Maurer:
Can Knowledge Management Help in Poverty-stricken Countries and Crisis Situations
page 327 - 334
Vol.7 / Issue 4
H. Maurer, J. Lennon:
Digital Libraries as Learning and Teaching Support
page 719 - 727
Vol.1 / Issue 11
J. Lennon, A. Vermeer:
From Personal Computer to Personal Assistant
page 410 - 422
Vol.1 / Issue 6
J. Lennon, H. Liu, H. Maurer:
HWOES: A Hyperwave Online Employment Service
page 409 - 422
Vol.8 / Issue 4
J. Lennon, H. Maurer:
Why it is Difficult to Introduce e-Learning into Schools And Some New Solutions
page 1244 - 1257
Vol.9 / Issue 10
J. Lennon, H. Maurer:
You Believe You Know What Multimedia is? And What Internet Will Do For You? Well ... Think Again!
page 137 - 142
Vol.0 / Issue 0