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Jesús García Laborda
Universidad de Alcalá, Spain

T. Magal-Royo, J. García Laborda, S. Price:
A New m-Learning Scenario for a Listening Comprehension Assessment Test in Second Language Acquisition [SLA]
page 1200 - 1214
Vol.23 / Issue 12
J. García Laborda, H. Uzunboylu, S. Ross:
Future Trends in Computing Technology in Education
page 1 - 3
Vol.22 / Issue 1
J. García Laborda, T.M. Royo, M. Bakieva:
Looking towards the Future of Language Assessment: Usability of Tablet PCs in Language Testing
page 114 - 123
Vol.22 / Issue 1
J. Traxler, E. Barcena, J. García Laborda:
Mobile Technology for Foreign Language Teaching:
Building Bridges between Non-formal and Formal Scenarios
page 1234 - 1246
Vol.21 / Issue 10