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Ralf Klamma
RWTH Aachen University, Germany

M.C. Pham, Y. Cao, R. Klamma, M. Jarke:
A Clustering Approach for Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Using Social Network Analysis
page 583 - 604
Vol.17 / Issue 4
R. Klamma, M. Spaniol, S. Unankard:
Advances in Web-Based Learning
page 1503 - 1506
Vol.25 / Issue 12
M. Friedrich, M. Wolpers, R. Shen, C. Ullrich, R. Klamma, D. Renzel, A. Richert, B. von der Heiden:
Early Results of Experiments with Responsive Open Learning Environments
page 451 - 471
Vol.17 / Issue 3
B. Hensen, I. Koren, R. Klamma:
Gamification Support for Learning in Spatial Computing Environments
page 1644 - 1665
Vol.25 / Issue 12
M. Spaniol, R. Klamma, M. Lux:
Imagesemantics: User-Generated Metadata, Content Based Retrieval & Beyond
page 1792 - 1807
Vol.14 / Issue 10
P. de Lange, P. Nicolaescu, J. Benscheid, R. Klamma:
Integrating 3D Objects in Collaborative Non-Linear Storytelling on the Web
page 1608 - 1624
Vol.25 / Issue 12
M. Shahriari, S. Haefele, R. Klamma:
Using Content to Identify Overlapping Communities in Question Answer Forums
page 907 - 931
Vol.23 / Issue 9