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Walter J. Jaburek

Referee for: J.1, K.4.1, K.5, K.6.5
Institution: Vienna University
EDV Concept Technisches Büro f. Informatik Ges.mbH
Address: Universitätslehrgang für Informationsrecht und Rechtsinformation
Kohlmarkt 16/2/1/13
1010 Vienna

Steigenteschgasse 13/2/2
1220 Vienna

Curriculum Vitae:

Walter Jaburek studied Music, Technical Mathematics/Informatics and Law at Graz University and Technical University. He is a Doctor of Informatics and Law. After working with IBM, the MUPID-Team at the Technical University in Graz - Institutes for Information Processing Graz (IIG), the Austrian Courts, Radio-Austria, the Austrian international telecommunications service provider and GABE, the Austrian ATM service provider he became EDP- and management consultant at Diebold Austria. W. Jaburek is a lecturer at Austrian universities on EDP- and Telecommunications Law, EDP-Security and Telecommunication. He is also an expert witness for the Austrian courts on EDP-matters and consultant for computer contracts, software-protection and telecommunications law.

Walter Jaburek is interested in everything that touches both law and informatics. He is a member of the Board of Editors of "EDV und Recht", the Austrian Journal on EDP-Law, and of the EDI Law Review.

Main Research Interests:

  • elecommunications Law
  • electronic documents in law