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Helmut Hlavacs

Referee for: C.2, C.4, I.6
Institution: University of Vienna
Address: Institute of Distributed and Multimedia Systems
University of Vienna
Lenaug. 2
1080 Vienna
Home Page: http://www.cs.univie.ac.at/employee.php?eid=36

Curriculum Vitae:

Helmut Hlavacs received his masters degree (1993) and his PhD (2000) from the Technical University of Vienna.

He worked for several companies, including IBM and Bank Austria, until he joined the ESPRIT project BISANTE from October 1998 to October 2000, where he worked as researcher at the Institute for Computer Science and Business Informatics at the University of Vienna. Since October 2000, he has been assistant professor at this institute. His research interests include numerical mathematics, parallel systems, discrete event simulation, network traffic modelling, and measuring the quality of content delivery networks. Also, he has published several papers in the area of evaluating the quality of service of multi-class traffic in future mobile cellular networks using both simulation and analytical modelling.

Helmut Hlavacs is the author of one textbook, several technical reports and publications presented at international conferences and published in journals.