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Helmut Hlavacs
University of Vienna, Austria

H. Hlavacs, W. Gansterer, H. Schabauer, J. Zottl, M. Petraschek, T. Hoeher, O. Jung:
Enhancing ZRTP by using Computational Puzzles
page 693 - 716
Vol.14 / Issue 5
M. Petraschek, T. Hoeher, O. Jung, H. Hlavacs, W. Gansterer:
Security and Usability Aspects of Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on ZRTP
page 673 - 692
Vol.14 / Issue 5
M. Fiedler, K.D. Hackbarth, H. Hlavacs:
Socio-Economic Issues in Future Generation Internet
page 612 - 614
Vol.14 / Issue 5