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Lane A. Hemaspaandra
University of Rochester, USA

R. Bent, M. Schear, L. A. Hemaspaandra, G. Istrate:
A Note on Bounded-Weight Error-Correcting Codes
page 817 - 827
Vol.5 / Issue 12
L. A. Hemaspaandra, C. Nasipak, K. Parkins:
A Note on Linear-Nondeterminism, Linear-Sized, Karp-Lipton Advice for the P-Selective Sets
page 670 - 674
Vol.4 / Issue 8
L. A. Hemaspaandra, Z. Jiang, J. Rothe, O. Watanabe:
Polynomial-Time Multi-Selectivity
page 197 - 229
Vol.3 / Issue 3
E. Hemaspaandra, L. A. Hemaspaandra, H. Hempel:
Query Order and the Polynomial Hierarchy
page 574 - 588
Vol.4 / Issue 6