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Uwe Glaesser
Heinz Nixdorf Institut, Universität-GH Paderborn, Germany

E. Börger, U. Glaesser:
Abstract State Machines 2001: New Developments and Applications - J.UCS Special Issue
page 914 - 916
Vol.7 / Issue 11
U. Glaesser, R. Karges:
Abstract State Machine Semantics of SDL
page 1382 - 1414
Vol.3 / Issue 12
R. Eschbach, U. Glässer, R. Gotzhein, M. von Löwis, A. Prinz:
Formal Definition of SDL-2000 - Compiling and Running SDL Specifications as ASM Models
page 1024 - 1049
Vol.7 / Issue 11