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Jan Gecsei

Referee for: C.2.0, H.5.1, I.3.2, K.3
Institution: Université de Montréal
Address: Département d'informatique et de recherche opérationnelle
Université de Montréal
U-221C.P. 6128, succursale A
Université de Montréal
Montreal (Quenbec) H3C 3J7
Home Page: http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/labs/safari/gecsei.html

Curriculum Vitae:

Jan Gecsei has received his M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering) and Ph.D. (Computer Science) degrees from the Czech Technical University in Prague. Until 1966 he worked at the Research Institute for Computers in Prague; then until 1973 at IBM Corp. in San Jose, Cal. From 1974 he is professor of computer science at the Université de Montréal.

Main Research Interests:

  • distributed multimedia systems
  • the management of quality of service
  • computer architecture