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Peter Deussen

Referee for:
Institution: University of Karlsruhe
Address: Department of Informatics
University of Karlsruhe
Postfach 6980
76128 Karlsruhe

Curriculum Vitae:

Born on October 21, 1935. Study: Communications Engineering and later on Mathematics (Technical University Munich, University Mainz). Doctors degree (1966) in Mathematics, and Habilitation in Mathematics and Informatics (1970). In 1972 Chair for Informatics at the University of Karlsruhe (Dept. of Informatics), http://www.ira.uka.de. In the following years building up the Department of Informatics, twice Dean, three times Vicedean.

Work in university committees (Senat, Governing Board, Great Senat), in a committee of the Westgerman Rectors Conference, in the Senat of the German Science Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG), and in some of its commissions.

  • 1985 - 1995: Initiation and chairmanship of the Collaborative Research Center (Sonderforschungsbereich) 314 "Artificial Intelligence - Knowledge based Systems (Künstliche Intelligenz - Wissensbasierte Systeme)".
  • since 1996: Multimedia representative of the Rector of University Karlsruhe
  • Initiation of a "Center for Multimedia" (Zentrum für Multimedia (ZeMM)) at the Department of Informatics, http://zemm.ira.uka.de
  • Chairman of an expert commission for the State Program "Virtual University Baden-Württemberg" ("Virtuelle Hochschule Baden-Württemberg"), http://www.virtuelle-hochschule.de/
  • Proposal and start of the project "Virtual Association of Colleges in Karlsruhe (ViKar)" ("Virtueller Hochschulverbund Karlsruhe (ViKar)") within above State Program, http://vikar.ira.uka.de
  • Proposal of the project "International Tele-University Germany (INTUG)" which will be partly financed by the state of Baden-Württemberg, http://intug.ira.uka.de
  • Main Research Interests:

    • multimedia and its application to teaching
    • automatic theorem proving
    • model checking
    • programm verification