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Submission Procedure
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Chi-Chang Chang
Yuan Ze University, Taiwan, ROC

C.-S. Cheng, P.-W. Shueng, C.-C. Chang, C.-W. Kuo:
Adapting an Evidence-based Diagnostic Model for Predicting RecurrenceĀ Risk Factors of Oral Cancer
page 742 - 752
Vol.24 / Issue 6
C.-C. Chang, C.-S. Cheng, Y.-S. Huang:
A Web-Based Decision Support System for Chronic Diseases
page 115 - 125
Vol.12 / Issue 1
C.-C. Chang, C.-J. Lu, C. Cheewakriangkrai, S.-H. Chang:
Computational Intelligence Technologies Meet Medical Informatics -From Prediction to Prognosis
page 662 - 664
Vol.24 / Issue 6