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Roberto S. Bigonha
Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

L. Teixeira Passos, M.A.S. Bigonha, R.S. Bigonha:
A Methodology for Removing LALR(k) Conflicts
page 737 - 752
Vol.13 / Issue 6
L. Teixeira Passos, M.A.S. Bigonha, R.S. Bigonha:
An LALR Parser Generator Supporting Conflict Resolution
page 3447 - 3464
Vol.14 / Issue 21
F. Tirelo, R.S. Bigonha, J. Saraiva:
Disentangling Denotational Semantics Definitions
page 3592 - 3607
Vol.14 / Issue 21
E.S. Cordeiro, R.S. Bigonha, M.A.S. Bigonha, F. Tirelo:
Optimized Compilation of Around Advice for Aspect Oriented Programs
page 753 - 766
Vol.13 / Issue 6
R.S. Bigonha, M. Musicante:
Selected Papers from SBLP 2007: The 11th Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages
page 679 - 681
Vol.13 / Issue 6