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Adriana J. Berlanga
Open University of the Netherlands, The Netherlands

J. Janssen, A.J. Berlanga, S. Heyenrath, H. Martens, H. Vogten, A. Finders, E. Herder, H. Hermans, J. Melero Gallardo, L. Schaeps, R. Koper:
Assessing the Learning Path Specification: a Pragmatic Quality Approach
page 3191 - 3209
Vol.16 / Issue 21
P.B. Sloep, A.J. Berlanga, W. Greller, S. Stoyanov, M. van der Klink, S. Retalis, J. Hensgens:
Educational Innovation with Learning Networks: Tools and Developments
page 44 - 61
Vol.18 / Issue 1
A.J. Berlanga, F.J. García-Peñalvo:
Learning Design in Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems
page 3627 - 3647
Vol.14 / Issue 22