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Mohammed I. Al-Saleh
Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

M.I. Al-Saleh, H.M. Hamdan:
Precise Performance Characterization of Antivirus on the File System Operations
page 1089 - 1108
Vol.25 / Issue 9
Z.A. Al-Sharif, M.I. Al-Saleh, Y. Jararweh, L. Alawneh, A.S. Shatnawi:
The Effects of Platforms and Languages on the Memory Footprint of the Executable Program: A Memory Forensic Approach
page 1174 - 1198
Vol.25 / Issue 9
M.I. Al-Saleh, E. Qawasmeh, Z.A. Al-Sharif:
Utilizing Debugging Information of Applications in Memory Forensics
page 805 - 826
Vol.26 / Issue 7