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Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub
Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

M. Al-Smadi, M. Al-Ayyoub, H. Al-Sarhan, Y. Jararweh:
An Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Approach to Evaluating Arabic News Affect on Readers
page 630 - 649
Vol.22 / Issue 5
M. Muhairat, S. ALZu'bi, B. Hawashin, M. Elbes, M. Al-Ayyoub:
An Intelligent Recommender System Based on Association Rule Analysis for Requirement Engineering
page 33 - 49
Vol.26 / Issue 1
M. Al-Ayyoub, H. Al-Sarhan, M. Al-So'ud, M. Al-Smadi, Y. Jararweh:
Framework for Affective News Analysis of Arabic News: 2014 Gaza Attacks Case Study
page 327 - 352
Vol.23 / Issue 3