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Volume 25

Content of Issue 1
Managing Editor's Column C. Gütl 1
Balanced Efficient Lifelong Learning (B-ELLA) for Cyber Attack Detection R. Kozik, M. Choras, J. Keller 2
A Systematic Mapping Study on Soft Skills in Software Engineering G. Matturro, F. Raschetti, C. Fontán 16
Pinhão: An Auto-tunning System for Compiler Optimizations Guided by Hot Functions M.Y. Siraichi, C.H. Segawa Tonetti, A.F. da Silva 42
Content of Issue 2
Managing Editor's Column C. Gütl 73
Methods for Information Hiding in Open Social Networks J. Bieniasz, K. Szczypiorski 74
Sorting Permutations by λ-Operations G.H. Santos Miranda, C. Negri Lintzmayer, Z. Dias 98
Designing a Human Computation Framework to Enhance Citizen-Government Interaction K. Zabaleta, U. Lopez-Novoa, I. Pretel, D. López-de-Ipiña, V. Cartelli, G. Di Modica, O. Tomarchio 122
Content of Issue 3
Advances of Provable Security Techniques Y. Yu, Y. Mu 154
Natural sd-RCCA Secure Public-key Encryptions from Hybrid Paradigms Y. Chen, Q. Dong, Y. Li, Q. Lai, Z. Wang 158
Provably Secure Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption from Identity-Based Encryption Y.-F. Tseng, C.-I. Fan, C.-W. Lin 182
Ontology and Weighted D-S Evidence Theory-Based Vulnerability Data Fusion Method X. Tao, L. Liu, F. Zhao, Y. Huang, S. Zhu, Y. Liang 203
Towards Multi-user Searchable Encryption Supporting Boolean Query and Fast Decryption Y. Wang, J. Wang, S.-F. Sun, J.K. Liu, W. Susilo, J. Baek, I. You, X. Chen 222
CCA-Secure Deterministic Identity-Based Encryption Scheme M. Huang, B. Yang, Y. Zhao, K. Liang, L. Xue, X. Yang 245
Combination Model of Heterogeneous Data for Security Measurement X. Dong, Y. Guo, F. Li, L. Dong, A. Khan 270
An Identity-Based Signcryption on Lattice without Trapdoor X. Wang, Y. Zhang, B.B. Gupta, H. Zhu, D. Liu 282
A New Identification Scheme based on Syndrome Decoding Problem with Provable Security against Quantum Adversaries B. Santoso, C. Su 294
Content of Issue 4
Managing Editor's Column C. Gütl 309
Cost Estimation of Blended Learning Course Delivery Through Public Cloud V.M. Ciric, I.Z. Milentijevic, O.M. Vojinovic, N.S. Manic 310
Data-driven Feature Selection Methods for Text Classification: an Empirical Evaluation R.C.P. Fragoso, R.H.W. Pinheiro, G.D.C. Cavalcanti 334
Survey on Ranking Functions in Keyword Search over Graph-Structured Data A. Ghanbarpour, H. Naderi 361
Scheduling Mandatory-Optional Real-Time Tasks in Homogeneous Multi-Core Systems with Energy Constraints Using Bio-Inspired Meta-Heuristics M. Micheletto, R. Santos, J. Orozco 390
A Probabilistic Multi-Objective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Gene Selection Z.B. Ozger, B. Bolat, B. Diri 418
Content of Issue 5
Immersive Learning Technologies: Research and Future Directions A. Peña-Rios, F. Khosmood 444
An Educational Glance into the Future: Holodeck as a Future Enacted Narrative Learning Technology T. Kymäläinen 446
Efficient Peer-to-Peer Content Sharing for Learning in Virtual Worlds B. Shen, J. Guo 465
Developing and Assessing Augmented Reality Applications for Mathematics with Trainee Instructional Media Designers: An Exploratory Study on User Experience I. Kazanidis, N. Pellas 489
Students' Perception of a Blended Learning Approach in an African Higher Institution A.I. Safana, M. Nat 515
A Learning Ecosystem for Linemen Training based on Big Data Components and Learning Analytics G. Santamaría-Bonfil, G. Escobedo-Briones, M. Perez-Ramírez, G. Arroyo-Figueroa 541
Content of Issue 6
Recent Advances, Emerging Methods and Applications of Pattern Recognition J. Keller, M. Grana, R. Kozik, T. Andrysiak, M. Choraś 569
Harmonizing IoT-Architectures with Advanced Security Features - A Survey and Case Study Ł. Apiecionek, M. Großmann, U.R. Krieger 571
Impact of Resource Control in Irregular Networks on their Transmission Properties S. Bujnowski, T. Marciniak, B. Marciniak, Z. Lutowski 591
Improving Person Re-identification by Segmentation-Based Detection Bounding Box Filtering D. Pieczyński, M. Kraft, M. Fularz 611
Fast Binarization of Unevenly Illuminated Document Images Based on Background Estimation for Optical Character Recognition Purposes H. Michalak, K. Okarma 627
Hybrid Stochastic GA-Bayesian Search for Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model Selection W. Rawat, Z. Wang 647
A Hybrid Neural System to Study the Interplay between Economic Crisis and Workplace Accidents in Spain S. Contreras, M.Á. Manzanedo, Á. Herrero 667
Synthetic Image Translation for Football Players Pose Estimation M. Sypetkowski, G. Sarwas, T. Trzciński 683
Quality Assessment of Photographed 3D Printed Flat Surfaces Using Hough Transform and Histogram Equalization J. Fastowicz, K. Okarma 701
Integration and Selection of Linear SVM Classifiers in Geometric Space R. Burduk, J. Biedrzycki 718
Content of Issue 7
Managing Editor's Column C. Gütl 731
A Note Concerning Feedback and Queries for Web Pages N. Delilovic, H. Maurer 733
Mobile Applications for People with Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Search in App Stores and Content Review S. Estévez, M.E. Cambronero, Y. García-Ruiz, L. Llana 740
Micro-business Requirements Patterns in Practice: Remote Communities in Developing Nations R. Macasaet, M. Noguera, M.L. Rodríguez, J.L. Garrido, S. Supakkul, L. Chung 764
On the Automated and Reactive Optimization of Highly-Dynamic Communication Network Infrastructures R. Mueller-Bady, M. Kappes, I. Medina-Bulo, F. Palomo-Lozano 788
Improving Ontology Matching Using Application Requirements for Segmenting Ontologies D. Pessoa, A.C. Salgado, B. Farias Lóscio 816
Effectiveness of Games in Software Project Management Education: An Experimental Study G. Petri, C. Gresse von Wangenheim, J.C. Rossa Hauck, A. Ferreti Borgatto 840
Content of Issue 8
Collaborative Technologies and Data Science in Smart City Applications N. Baloian, Y. Chen, A. Harutyunyan 865
Towards Secure and Efficient "white-box" Encryption G. Khachatrian, S. Abrahamyan 868
A New Information-Theoretical Distance Measure for Evaluating Community Detection Algorithms M. Haroutunian, K. Mkhitaryan, J. Mothe 887
Secrecy over Multiple-Access Channel: A Game of Competition and Cooperation Y. Chen, O.O. Koyluoglu, A.J.H. Vinck 904
On Machine Learning Approaches for Automated Log Management A.N. Harutyunyan, A.V. Poghosyan, N.M. Grigoryan, N.A. Hovhannisyan 925
Planning of Urban Public Transportation Networks in a Smart City J. Frez, N. Baloian, J.A. Pino, G. Zurita, F. Basso 946
The Role of Verification and Validation Techniques within Visual Analytics B. Weyers, E. Auer, W. Luther 967
Identifying Groupware Requirements in People-Driven Mobile Collaborative Processes V. Herskovic, S.F. Ochoa, J.A. Pino 988
A Model for Resource Management in Smart Cities Based on Crowdsourcing and Gamification R. Barbosa Sousa Orrego, J.L.V. Barbosa 1018