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Volume 24

Content of Issue 1
Managing Editor's Column C. Gütl 1
GerIE - An Open Information Extraction System for the German Language A. Bassa, M. Kroll, R. Kern 2
Identifying Encryption Algorithms in ECB and CBC Modes Using Computational Intelligence F.L. de Mello, J.A.M. Xexéo 25
A Similarity Grammatical Structures Based Method for Improving Open Information Systems E. Nilsen Pereira de Souza, D. Barreiro Claro, R. Glauber 43
Content of Issue 2
Immersive Learning Research L. Morgado, C. Allison, D. Beck, F. Penicheiro 70
The Sense of Presence Exploration in Virtual Reality Therapy M.M. North, S.M. North 72
Do you Want to be a Superhero? Boosting Emotional States with the Booth J. Schneider, D. Börner, P. van Rosmalen, M. Specht 85
From AR to Expertise: A User Study of an Augmented Reality Training to Support Expertise Development B. Hang Limbu, H. Jarodzka, R. Klemke, F. Wild, M. Specht 108
Effective Learning Content Offering in MOOCs with Virtual Reality - An Exploratory Study on Learner Experience S. Hewawalpita, S. Herath, I. Perera, D. Meedeniya 129
Development of a Software that Supports Multimodal Learning Analytics: A Case Study on Oral Presentations R. Munoz, R. Villarroel, T.S. Barcelos, A. Souza, E. Merino, R. Guiñez, L.A. Silva 149
Mixed Agents Virtual Observation Lenses for Immersive Learning Environments S. Felemban, M. Gardner, V. Callaghan, A. Pena-Rios 171
A Technology Acceptance Model for Augmented Reality and Wearable Technologies W. Guest, F. Wild, A. Vovk, P. Lefrere, R. Klemke, M. Fominykh, T. Kuula 192
Comparing Learning in Virtual Reality with Learning on a 2D Screen Using Electrostatics Activities S.W. Greenwald, W. Corning, M. Funk, P. Maes 220
Content of Issue 3
Intelligent Services for Smart Cities J.J. Jung, A. Muñoz 246
A Study on Context-Relationship with Context-Attributes for a Smart Service Generation in Smart City H. Ko, S. Hwang, L. Mesicek, J. Choi, J. Choi, P. Kim 249
Air-Pollution Prediction in Smart Cities through Machine Learning Methods: A Case of Study in Murcia, Spain R. Martínez-España, A. Bueno-Crespo, I. Timón, J. Soto, A. Muñoz, J.M. Cecilia 261
Linking User Online Behavior across Domains with Internet Traffic Y. Qiao, Y. Wu, Y. He, L. Hao, W. Lin, J. Yang 277
Crowd Sensing for Urban Security in Smart Cities B. Fernandes, F. Silva, C. Analide, J. Neves 302
Multi-scaled Spatial Analytics on Discovering Latent Social Events for Smart Urban Services O.-J. Lee, Y. Kim, H. Long Nguyen, J.E. Jung 322